Estimate the Cost of a Breach

Regardless of threat type, a cybersecurity breach can quickly wreak havoc on your business and bring it to a halt. Do you know what a breach could potentially cost your organization? Enter your total number of business records below.

Enter the total number of affected records here

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Internal Investigation -20% Average Cost +20%
Cybercrime Consulting
Attorney Fees
Notification/Crisis Management
Customer Notification
Call Center Support
Crisis Management Consulting
Media Management
Credit Monitoring
Regulatory Investigation Defense
State/Federal Fines or Fees
Total Estimated Cost $

Use of this calculator is intended for educational purposes only. While data was sourced from Ponemon Institute's Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022, actual expenses will vary based on multiple factors and the type of record(s) compromised. Data Breach Cost Calculator is property of CyVig, and may not be used or repurposed without prior written consent.
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